Mind-blowingly delicious gluten friendly pizza

Finally! There's a mindblowingly
delicious gluten friendly pizza!

Imagine enjoying a better pizza than you ever remember without concern about gluten, Or about the healthiness of the ingredients!  


Chef Cally Johnson transforms our sprouted spelt crust into a true artisan pizza experience! (You'll remember her as co-creator of world-famous Big Truck Tacos.) 

Customers have actually said they heard angels sing at their first bite. Seriously.

Our ingredients are organic and non-GMO. Our meats are pasture-raised and grass-fed. The meats and cheeses are local. Our secret sprouted spelt crust makes it better than the most indulgent wheat thin crust pizza. (Of course, we do offer an organic white crust for those who aren't gluten sensitive.)

The sauce, meats, herbs, cheeses and toppings are layered to hit your palate at just the right moment, creating an explosion of flavor and delight.  


We're offering 1,000 customers the opportunity to enjoy a free tasting.


Just tell us your email for a free certificate. 

Nothing spreads faster than news about a great restaurant. So, we're offering to share an experience of our pizza in hopes you'll tell friends and family.

Just enter your email address (we promise, no spam, renting or selling, ever) and check your Inbox for the certificate. Come in any Monday beginning September 25th and use it to enjoy free samples of four different Stone Sisters pizzas plus our Tuscan Vegetable plate. (One certificate per person, please!)

We host the tastings every Monday, all day. So, please, be our guest. But hurry, we're only offering 1,000 free sample certificates.

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We're also helping all Oklahoma school teachers.  

You can gift a teacher a free pizza with a selfie!

Just take a selfie in front of our banner at the store, post it to Facebook or Instagram, and tag us so we see it. That's it! You just gifted a teacher a free pizza!


All Oklahoma school teachers are invited to get on our pizza gift list. It's not a random drawing, it's a guarantee based on the number of selfies people post. We're awarding pizzas to teachers in the order they get on the list.    

So, teachers get on the gift list now!  And, encourage people to post! The more selfies posted, the more teachers get free pizza!

Teachers, enroll below:  (One free pizza per teacher.)

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We'll even bring our free pizza tasting roadshow to your business. 

Get free pizza for your staff, and help teachers!

We'll bring samples of four pizzas plus our Tuscan Vegetable plate for your staff ...all at no charge.

Plus, we'll bring our selfie banner to gift free pizzas to teachers.

Those that want to shoot a selfie with the banner, post it to Facebook or Instagram and tag us will award a free pizza to a teacher. Those that don't, don't have to!  It's that easy!

And, thanks to our partnership with Natural Awakenings magazine, your business will be featured as helping teachers! It's a win for your staff, our community and for all our educators!

Generosity rules!

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